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What makes a Minor Sports League?

A Minor Sports League is simply a sports league that is not one of the Big Four Leagues (MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA). Minor Sports Leagues (minor-leagues.com) is dedicated to tracking these sporting ventures despite their obscurity.

Minor Sports Leagues are not one of the Big Four Leagues because:

  • They have smaller amount of fans in attendance to their games.
  • The scale and travel of the league tends to focus on a smaller geographic area.
  • They have players that do not have (inter)national celebrity status.
  • They have teams and logos that are not (inter)nationally recognized.
  • The revenue the teams and league generates is much less.
  • The salary pay for players, coaches, and support staff is much less.
  • There is little or no cable television Coverage is much less or nil. If there is any coverage, it might be streamed through the internet.
  • The skill of the players for the Top and Low Minor Leagues are not as good.
  • The sport itself if its played by Women or is an Alternative sport may be considered obscure.

Being a Minor Sports League means that dreams of being a Major League Sport is or has been the basis of its formation. Even in the Low Minor Leagues the players may not be realistically able to play in the Majors but they reflect on and are inspired by what they see taking place in the Majors.