Golden Baseball League Attendance 2006 to 2010

One of the defining characteristics of Minor Sports Leagues is that they play to smaller crowds of fans. has compiled a series of posts that provides details of attendance figures.

The Golden Baseball League (GBL) was an independent professional baseball league founded in 2oo5 and ran until 2010 when it combined with two other independent baseball leagues. It operated teams in the Western United States and Western Canada. The GBL operated in cities not directly served by Major or Minor League teams and is not affiliated with either.

Below is the fan attendance for the entire league from 2006 to 2010.


League Sport Season # of Teams Team Change Games Games Change Total Attendance TA Change Average Attendance AA Change Source
Golden Baseball League (Ind) Baseball 2006 6 USA untracked 232 untracked 369,342 untracked 1,592 untracked
Golden Baseball League (Ind) Baseball 2007 6 USA 0.00% 222 -4.33% 285,665 -22.66% 1,287 -19.16%
Golden Baseball League (Ind) Baseball 2008 8 (6 USA 2 CAN) 33.33% 313 40.98% 428,402 49.97% 1,369 6.37%
Golden Baseball League (Ind) Baseball 2009 9 (6 USA 3 CAN) 12.50% 334 6.71% 631,109 47.32% 1,890 38.06%
Golden Baseball League (Ind) Baseball 2010 10 (6 USA 3 CAN 1 MEX) 11.11% 395 18.32% 742,394 17.63% 1,879 -0.58%

The Golden Baseball League was ambitious in its recruiting of college, ex-major and ex-minor league players. Its player development was noted for having over 100 players being sold to MLB organizations during its years of operation, with seven players already making it to a major league uniform. It was a well funded league with corporate sponsorship and backers but its decision to join an ambitious national footprint led to its folding.