USL 2nd Division Attendance 2006 to 2010

One of the defining characteristics of Minor Sports Leagues is that they play to smaller crowds of fans. has compiled a series of posts that provides details of attendance figures.

The United Soccer Leagues Second Division (USL-2) was a professional men’s soccer league in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico from 2005 to 2010. The USL-2 was formed in 1995 as the USISL Pro League and went through a number of structural and identities. During its existence, it formed the third tier of soccer in the United States and Canada league pyramid behind Major League Soccer and the United Soccer Leagues First Division.

In 2011, the USL-1 and USL-2 joined most of its teams together to form the USL Pro leading to its dissolution of USL-2.


League Sport Season # of Teams Team Change Games Games Change Total Attendance TA Change Average Attendance AA Change Source
USL 2nd Division (AA) Association Football 2006 9 USA untracked 90 untracked 158704 untracked 1,763 untracked
USL 2nd Division (AA) Association Football 2007 10 (9 USA 1 BMU) 11.11% 100 11.11% 157,855 -0.53% 1,579 -10.44%
USL 2nd Division (AA) Association Football 2008 10 (9 USA 1 BMU) 0.00% 100 0.00% 159,298 0.91% 1,593 0.89%
USL 2nd Division (AA) Association Football 2009 9 (8 USA 1 BMU) -10.00% 90 -10.00% 140,559 -11.76% 1,562 -1.95%
USL 2nd Division (AA) Association Football 2010 6 USA -33.33% 57 -36.67% 96,286 -31.50% 1,689 8.13%


USL Second Division was the United States and Canada’s third division for professional men’s outdoor soccer. As indicated by its name, the players and other personnel in the USL-2 strove to play and work in the higher tiers of pro soccer, the MLS, USL-1. and the NASL.